doc. RNDr. Karel Volenec, CSc.

Curriculum Vitae 

Professional background


ELLA-CS, s.r.o.

Period   1992 to present
    Since 2020
Job position or performed functions
Executive Head of Company, CEO
Executive Head of Company, Head of Research and Development Department
2007 – 2016
Executive Head of Company, Director of the company
1992 – 2007
Director of Company Dr. Karel Volenec – ELLA-CS
Main work activity and area of responsibility
Company management, Project management, Team management
Research tasks, educational activities in the medical devices field
Type of business or sector
Development, production and worldwide sales of special medical devices – implants.

Schering – Plough, USA 

Period   1992 - 1994
Job position or performed functions
Internal assistant of the company in the area of biotechnologies
Main work activity and area of responsibility
Clinical studies coordination
Type of business or sector

Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Hradec Kralove

Period   1976 to present
    1976 - 1990
Job position or performed functions
Main solver of development assignments VP and V-4
Number of defended research reports: 9
1990 to present
External worker in solving scientific tasks / External teaching at the department of biophysics
Main work activity and area of responsibility
Pedagogical and scientific research experience
Project management, team management, PVS and diplomats management
External teaching at UCT, Prague
Type of business or sector
Education, scientific research

Education, specialized training

Achieved qualification
- Associate professor
- Senior research worker 2a, ČSAV
Main subjects/
Professional experience
Biophysics, radiobiology
Name and type of organization providing the education
VLA JEP, Hradec Kralove
(1970-1975: FaF UK, Hradec Kralove
1975-1981: RNDr. : FaF UK Hradec Kralove
VLVDÚ JEP/LFUK Hradec Kralove: CSc.)
Achieved qualification
  Ph.D. studies of Biological Sciences in the field of biophysics, Ph.D.
Main subjects/professional experience
Name and type of organization providing the education
  VLVDÚ JEP Hradec Kralove
Achieved qualification
Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University graduate (PhMr.), achieved with honors
Doctor of Natural Science (RNDr.)
Main subjects/professional experience
Name and type of organization providing the education
Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Kralove,
Charles University Prague

Other experiences, knowledge, skills

Mother tongue
Knowledge of English
Knowledge of Russian
  Very good
Knowledge of Italian
Other relevant experiences, knowledge and skills
Evaluation of Continuous and Final reports of VÚ
Processing of expert opinions of diploma thesis

Top awards

Top 10 Innovation EU, European Business Awards 2014/2015, RSM, London
The Absolute Winner of the Czech Innovation 2013
Technology Enterpreneur Of The Year award , 2012, Ernst & Young, USA
Czech Head Award , Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic


Total number of scientific publications
  Author: 30; Abstracts: 28; Co-author: 65; Abstracts: 20
Total number of scientific lectures and posters
  Author: 86; Co-author: 67
Total number of patents and design of patents

Additional information

Long-term internships abroad
Italy, 1981; Netherlands, 1986 and 1990; Belgium, 1986; Russia, 1987; Brazil, 1998

Professional Affiliations

Memberships in Czech Scientific Societies  and other Organizations
Honorary membership in Czech Medical Association, Prague – since 2003
Departmental council for doctoral program Medical Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague
Chairman of the Council for Commercialization of VaV Rector of Charles University, Prague
Member of the Club of innovative companies Czech Head
Member od Czechimplant board
Member of RVVI KHK
Member of NIP RV (national innovation platform)
Member of Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices board AVDZP, Brno
Member of the Commission for the Commercialization of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Member of the Council for Commercialization FN and UHK
Previous Memberships in International Scientific Societies
European Society for Radiation Biology - ESRB
Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology - SCVIR
The European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology - ESHO
Czech organization of Radiatio, Oncology, Biology and Physics ČLS JEP
Radiobiological Society ČLS JEP – until 2009
Czech Society of Biomedical Engineering, ČSVTS – until 1992
Member of the Academic Council of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove



ELLA-CS, s.r.o.

Milady Horákové 504/45, Třebeš,
500 06 Hradec Králové
Česká republika