RELLA - Rehabilitation Pad

RELLA - Rehabilitation Pad

Basic description

A rehabilitation device* intended for use at the patient‘s bedside for active exercise of the lower limbs, and abdominal and back muscles in order to maintain physical fitness and to prevent complications of long‑term stay in bed. Allows the patient to self-exercise without the assistance of expert personnel and a need for any professional settings.

The Rehabilitation Pad allows mainly:

  • to exercise the lower limbs as early as possible after overcoming a critical condition,
  • development of muscular strength of the lower limbs and muscles of the patient‘s abdomen and back,
  • to improve blood circulation in the lower limbs during the stay in bed,
  • to shorten the time spent in an acute or follow-up care,
  • to improve the patient‘s condition and allows the patient independent activity leading to early mobility, and shortening the hospital stay.
RELLA - lock of the Rehabilitation Pad
RELLA - Securing the boards for safe transfer of the pad

Who is it intended for

  • Acutely hospitalized geriatric patients in need of physical rehabilitation.
  • Adult patients and adolescents from 12 years of age, with a minimum body height of 120 cm, bedridden.
  • Seniors confined to bed for a long time, who need to strengthen the lower half of their body and rehabilitate by walking.
  • Patients who have suffered from an acute illness and are rehabilitated in bed.

Method of use

Before starting the exercise, it is necessary to fasten the pad to the bed with a fixation strap.

RELLA - upevnění podložky fixačním pásem

The pad consists of two parts - fixed and movable. The movable part allows to exercise the lower limbs by a horizontal movement.

RELLA - exercise of the limbs alternately  RELLA - exercise of both the limbs at the same time

By using the lock,zamek_desekthe independent movement of each leg or simultaneous movement of both limbs can be provided.


  • Minimal supervision from nursing staff
  • Easy exercise of the lower limbs, abdomen and back muscles in bed
  • It is possible to exercise the limbs alternately or both at the same time
  • Securing the boards - safe transfer of the pad
  • Possibility of exercising with bandaged limbs
  • The pad can be used on any bed
  • Easy handling
  • Quiet operation
  • Low weight - easily portable
  • Washability and easy disinfection
  • Easily stored

Ordering information

The pad is primarily intended for medical and rehabilitation facilities.
The purchase is possible only on the recommendation of a professionally qualified person. You can order by phone +420 495 279 111 or by e-mail at

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Instructional video

*Author of the metod: prof. MUDr. Luboš Sobotka, CSc.
Protected by patent no. 308177


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